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Port Huron's Class of 2016

Honoring Jason Schultz

Jason Schultz, 28, an Owner/Operator at Preferred Towing in Port Huron, was killed Jan. 15, 2016 when he was struck and killed by a driver that attempted to pass his truck on the shoulder of the road while he was pulling a stranded motorist from a ditch. On Jan. 20, hundreds of friends, family, and tow truck drivers from across the Midwest and Ontario gathered for a service to honor him and support his family. It was humbling and an incredible privilege to photograph the service. The showing of support was overwhelmingly powerful- the procession was miles long, lined with supporters, first responders, and ladder trucks with hanging flags. It served as a reminder of the strength of community and how awesome people can be, during a time when it seems the evil of the world is winning. Jason leaves behind hundreds of friends and family, a wife and three young children. I've thought about them every day since the service and I hope the family can eventually find peace.

Fall of the Mighty Marysville

On Saturday, Nov. 7, the former DTE coal power plant, known locally as the "Mighty Marysville" was imploded after standing as a landmark on the St. Clair River for 93 years. The plant, which was decommissioned in 2001, had been in operation since 1922 and once employed nearly 250 people.