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Banding Bald Eagle Chicks

Therese Best carries a bald eagle chick over to her husband Dave Best, as they work on banding and taking blood samples Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at the DTE Belle River Power Plant in China Township. Dave Best, a retired U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employee, is currently working for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to monitor bald eagle chicks as part of a water quality monitoring project.

Dave Best uses a GPS unit while approaching a bald eagle nest with three chicks.

Volunteer Kim LeBlanc and Dave Best look up at the bald eagle nest.

University of Arizona graduate student Ariana Laporte climbs the tree to retrieve three bald eagle chicks.

Kim LeBlanc removes a bag containing a bald eagle chick that was lowered down the tree.

The talons of a bald eagle chick are wrapped.

Dave Best takes notes about measurements and blood samples.

A bald eagle chick is restrained as measurements are taken

Therese Best, Dave Best and Kim LeBlanc work to take measurements of a bald eagle chick.

Dave Best shows a bald eagle chick's wings.